Thursday, September 14, 2006

[Web 2.0/웹 2.0] ... New Web Company List-up. ^^

I found a very special Web 2.0 site by chance. The '' is very cute like it's logo and useful site for netizens who want to know about new Web 2.0 companies. The name of BuzzShout is all about that site. The naming of it is a well-made thing. The 'Buzz', topics spreading to people online about new Web 2.0 company, has been ranking by the 'Shout', that is, various reviews of netizens in realtime. So any visitors to it can access the most hottest Web 2.0 sites list with ranking by many 'shoutblog' reviewers. ^.^
My most impressive thing about it is that it supports the 'logo surf page tab'!! It lists all logos on Web 2.0 companies. Famous Web 2.0 sites are listed on it. It is open the "Shoutblog blogger contest"...with a prize nowadays. Let's go in flocks to '' and be a top reviewers!

Here is an extracted passage from it.

It's time to cut through the hype.Don't you just hate it when there's too much hype to wade through when investigating modern Web 2.0 companies? It seems like a new company is introduced every few minutes. How can anyone keep up with what's really useful?
With BuzzShout, you can. Our aim is to garner quality reviews that have been shouted by users. These reviews cut through the hype to give us something we all need: the truth about the buzz. We also have feature in-depth reviews and news at our ShoutBlog.
What is BuzzShout?BuzzShout is an online listing and repository of reviews of the hottest new companies -- the so-called "Web 2.0" companies. But, we don't want to limit ourselves to that category. Any web service is fair game. If you find something online that's useful, send it our way.

우연히 매우 특이한 웹 2.0 사이트를 가보았다. '화젯거리외침 -_-? )'는 그 로고처럼 귀엽고, 신흥 웹 2.0 기업들에 대해 알길 원하는 네티즌들에게 유용한 사이트이다. BuzzShout라는 이름이 이 사이트에 대한 모든 것을 말해준다. 네이밍이 정말 잘 된것 같다. 신흥 웹 2.0 기업들에 대한 온라인에서 퍼져나가는 화제인 'Buzz'는 'shoutblog'와 같은 리뷰어들에 의해서 평가('Shout')되어 랭킹이 매겨진다.
나에게 가장 좋은 것은 이 사이트가 '로고 서핑 페이지'를 제공해주는 것이다!! 이 페이지는 신흥 웹 2.0 회사들(팀도 포함)의 모든 로고를 잘 리스트하여 보여준다. 유명한 웹 2.0 사이트들이 다 거기에 있다. 최근에 상도 주는 "Shoutblogger 대회"를 열었다. 그럼.. 함께 BuzzShout.com으로 몰려가서 탑 리뷰어가 되어보자!

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